Terms and Conditions
1. Right to revocation
As a client you can revoke your contract statement within 14 days, in writing (e-mail). The term begins after the receipt of these instructions in writing and not before the receipt of the goods by the recipient (in the case of successive deliveries of items of the same type, will not begin from the reception of the first partial delivery), nor before we comply with our information obligations. To safeguard the revocation period, it is sufficient to send the revocation or merchandise in due time.
In case of return of the product or products, your contract will be canceled and your money will be refunded once we have received the returned product. The reimbursement of the amount will be made by the same way for which the payment was made. In the event that the returned products arrive incomplete, without labels, damaged, worn, dirty or smelly, Natural Dog reserves the right not to reimburse the amount paid for the returned products and will be categorically denied the return of the same.
The right of revocation is not applicable in the case of distance selling contracts for the delivery of articles that are manufactured according to the customer's specifications or customized (such as necklaces or personalized labels) exclusively according to their own requirements, or that, for their nature, they are not suitable for their re-shipment, they can be damaged quickly.
TRAILDOG assumes the return costs only in case of wrong delivery or defective product. In any other case, the client must assume the return costs.
If you wish to make a return, please contact our Customer Service Department first through the contact form to be informed of your personal return number, which must be noted on the return form.
Once you have completed the return form, send it to us along with the product or products to be returned to the following address:
Farallo 4
07590 Cala Rajada
Mallorca (Spain)
Consequences of the revocation
In the case of an effective revocation, the mutually received benefits and the derived benefits (for example, interests) must be rendered. Please provide - unless you have not submitted - the valid bank account number.

If you can not tell us the performance or use given to the product (for example, advantages of use), or if the product is damaged in whole or in part, you must pay compensation for the corresponding value.
Due to the deterioration of the product and the derivative use, compensation shall be paid when the use or deterioration is due to correct use by the buyer, beyond the verification of the characteristics and operation. By "tests of the characteristics and the operation" it is understood to the tests and evaluation of the products, as they are made in store. Claims are not accepted for products that are used improperly, causing an abuse of the same.
In addition, it will not be obliged to pay compensation for the deterioration of the article, if this has occurred during the normal release thereof and has not used the article as its property and has avoided anything that could diminish its value.
2. Contract closure
Before completing your order, at level 3 of the purchase process (preview), you can check again all the information entered (for example, name, address, payment method and products requested) and make all the necessary changes.

The order is accepted (and the contract is closed at the same time) when the product you ordered is sent. The contract comes into force when the product you ordered is sent. In some cases we can request more information to be able to meet the request. TRAILDOG reserves the right to refuse any order.
The details of your order are stored in electronic format. If you want to have a printed copy you only have to print the "order confirmation" window that appears on your screen once the order has been placed. If you provide us with your email address, we will send you all the necessary information concerning your order. That information can be printed directly.
The sale of items is done only in domestic quantities, to private persons and adults. Orders from companies, wholesalers or retailers will not be answered by mail.
3. Shipping and delivery
The order will be served while supplies last. If any of the products is not available, we reserve the right to make a partial delivery. The shipping costs will be calculated on the partial amount of the products sent and will be invoiced only once.
Deliveries will be made through official Carriers and their partners in Spain. The preparation and shipping of your products requires approximately 1 to 3 business days. The shipment with Correos can take from 48 to 72 working hours.
Remember that every delivery note has to be signed. The packages will be delivered at home (to the home portal) by said transport companies affiliated or partners of these in the country. In case you were not at home, the messenger will leave a message indicating the address where you can pick up the package within 15 days after delivery.

4. Prices and shipping costs
The price of our products is reflected in euros and includes the Value Added Tax (VAT).
In TRAILDOG we have the courier and parcel service of Correos.
Check our shipping rates in our SHIPPING section.
If for technical or logistical reasons the order had to be divided, the shipping costs will be charged only once.
5. Right of property
Until the payment of the product has been made, TRAILDOG remains the owner thereof.
6. Term of payment, non-payment and discount vouchers
Payments can only be made with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express), or with Paypal. PayPal is an online payment service, which guarantees a safe, easy and fast payment. While making the order you have the possibility to open a PayPal account.
Payments by check or cash will not be accepted. In this case, TRAILDOG is not responsible for any type of loss. Nor will cash income be accepted through the window.
Your credit card will only be charged when your order has been sent.
Checks, cash payments or window payments will not be accepted.
In case of return, the amount paid will be refunded.
In case of delay in payment or lack of coverage, TRAILDOG reserves the right to claim interest for the delay in payment. Interest will be calculated based on a rate according to the law in force as of the payment due date.

7. Identity of the contracting party
Unless otherwise mentioned, all purchase contracts are made with TRAILDOG:
Farallo 4
07590 Cala Rajada
Mallorca - Spain.

Board of directors:
Cristian I Vazquez Nancy E Levrino
8. Miscellaneous
The conditions of sale are established according to Spanish legislation, excluding the commercial right of the United Nations, and are valid for shipments made to a country outside of Spain. Thus, in case of litigation, the laws that will be applied will be those that govern the company's headquarters, even if the consumer is not domiciled in a country of the European Union. In the event that one of the clauses is null, this will not affect the validity of these General Business Conditions. TRAILDOG reserves the right to modify these conditions and, therefore, recommends that you consult them regularly